sinking cost detail

My work asks, “What are we capable of and what might be holding us back?” I survey of themes of mortality and human frailty, psychological susceptibility, dependence and codependence, established ideas of being and an increased mediation of our experience through the screen.
I make strange and confounding objects that seek to entice as much as they repel. Though I gain method, means and motivation from the Dadaists and Neo-Dadaists, my work fits within the pluralism of the postmodern. By making material and stylistic choices to fit the narrative of each piece, I utilize the familiar and the uncanny with an assemblage methodology and seamless collage to construct a narrative that prods at issues of the human condition. Within the recognizable I create an access point for the viewer to engage with on some level. I find that the physical immediacy of the object is prime for this engagement, entering a persons sphere of being mentally, if not physically by interacting directly with it.